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Auction for Yasmeen - December 15-18, 2022

Our dear friend, local artist, singer and musician Yasmeen Olya is in the fight for her life against a cancer that she has travelled to Germany to have treated, and now is in Italy undergoing cancer therapy, hopefully to extend her lifespan beyond her current prognosis.

Since about the middle of 2021, Yasmeen knew she had a problem and started going to the hospital in Victoria BC and for assessment and tests. When the diagnosis came, the options offered were not good. The treatments would likely take away the sensation in her fingers, and her tongue as well. As an artist, singer, musician, losing this sensation would have been devastating, so she sought other treatment options. Travelling to Germany in November 2021 with the help of her friends, family and online community, she was able to get situated close to the clinic and got started on her treatment plan.

The initial costs of travel and living in Germany were covered by donations from her online followers, family and friends. During this time Canvas Plus hosted and donated printing services and proceeds from two auctions, netting over $30,000 towards her treatment fund.


These treatments in Italy are giving her energy and she's now able to walk again after being in a wheelchair for the last number of months. She hopes to have the strength soon to travel to visit her children again, and hopefully to extend her lifespan indefinitely so she can return to her children.

We are setting up a third online art auction in order to raise funds to cover as much of this as possible, though donations can be made to her directly via PayPal at or through her GoFundMe page at

This auction will have many of Yasmeen’s original artworks, and donated original artwork and prints from a good number of other artists. Bidding starts at 25 to 40% of the market value of the originals, so it’s very possible you can bid and get a wonderful piece of art for a very good price!

This time 100% of the originals sold, and approx. 60-85% of the proceeds from prints will go to Yasmeen.

The auction is viewable now at
We’ve been adding more artwork over the last two weeks leading up to the auction opening at 12 NOON PST on Thursday December 15th. It will run for the weekend, closing at 6pm PST on Sunday December 18th.



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