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"My passion for this business began with doing high quality digital reproduction of artists' work. I often heard artists say that they had prints done but weren't really happy with them. So now I endeavour to create prints that are worthy of the artist's time and talent, providing them with another revenue stream that doesn't devalue their work. I find it very satisfying when artists are thrilled by the quality of the prints we run as a result of the digital labour of love we've done to recreate their artwork." -- Alan Bagshaw, Owner

We're located in Ladysmith, on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. The Island is home to literally thousands of artists and professional photographers. We provide printing services to a growing list of these local customers, as well as a large amount of customers we ship to across Canada and the USA.

Founded in 2004 as Digital Art Reproductions by Alan Bagshaw, we started providing art reproduction services to local artists in Victoria, BC. In 2011 Alan recognized the need of professional photographers for high-quality large-format printing, so was launched in early 2012. We recognize our core market is fine artists and professional photographers, who appreciate the quality and service provided by Canvas Plus.

Come visit our workspace and retail gallery at 428 1st Avenue, Ladysmith, BC. We're located across from Pharmasave.

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