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We track, print and ship limited edition prints of your originals, with an enclosed Certificate of Authenticity.


We're happy to keep track of limited edition prints of your art, including details such as edition number, title, size of print, date of sale and who it was sold to. Each print shipped has a Certificate of Authenticity, designed for you, inserted into a clear sleeve and attached to the frame or enclosed with shipment.

A Certificate of Authenticity outlines information about the piece and the artist, a picture of the print, the edition number, specifications about how the print was created (substrate, printer, inks, archival attributes, etc), recommended care of the print and signature.

We keep a data base of your art originals and limited edition prints and copies of certificates for each piece. In this way we seamlessly drop ship delivery of your art to your customers.

Upon sale, we charge $5 for each limited edition data entry, certificate change, print and attachment.

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