We can build you a custom-sized blank canvas for your next art project.

We can build you a custom-sized, TIGHTLY-stretched canvas that's ready to paint on. We use our beautiful, tight-weave print canvas, stretched over our sustainable stretcher bars. The bars are made from Vancouver Island Douglas Fir and Hemlock, kiln-dried and milled to our specifications, just 15 minutes from our location. We custom cut the stretcher bars, building them into light, strong, well-braced (corner bracing and cross bracing as required) strainer frames of any size from 12x12" to 54" by almost any length. We've done a huge 25 foot long canvas, and many between 8 to 14 feet wide!
Our stretcher bars come in THREE thicknesses. 3/4" thick bars provide a lower profile of the canvas print on the wall. They are commonly used for smaller canvas prints. 1.5" thick bars are the choice for most of the canvas prints we frame. 1.75" bars offer greater stability and more depth from the wall, but are a special order item for now. The standard 1.5" bars can be combined with a float frame.
After each wood frame is assembled, our artist canvases are professionally stretched with meticulous care and are packed to arrive safely.
Order 2 or more for a 10% discount.

Canvas Print Ordering Options:

1. Canvas Support Method

You choose 3/4' or 1 1/2" stretchers.

2. Canvas Side Treatment

You choose the type of side treatment you want. Some of the most popular are:

  • Image Wrap Sides - We wrap part of the image around the stretcher bar. This option requires enough "non-critical" parts of the image around the edges, which will be wrapped around the frame.

  • Solid Colour Sides - We can add a solid colour to finish the sides, in black, gray, white, or any colour that matches the image's colour palette.

  • Mirror Wrap Sides - The outer part of the image along the edges is duplicated and reversed on the sides.

  • Dupe/Blur Sides - The outer part of the image is duplicated and extended beyond the image and then blurred so it does not have distracting definition, but matches the print's colours.

  • Black Tape Sides - Sometimes called Museum Wrap, we apply black cloth tape to the sides after framing.


3. Canvas Coating

You choose the type of archival coating you want applied to your canvas print.

  • Gloss

  • Satin

  • Matte

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