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We create high resolution, colour-accurate digital files of your art, capturing all the textures, richness and subtleties of the original.

We offer different levels of digital capture and reproduction services:


Simple high-res photo scan = $10 - $25

Bring in your photo prints (under 12x17”), and slides, sketches, line-art, for highly detailed and colour accurate scans. Price depends on final output size and adjustments required.


High Resolution Photography with on-screen colour corrections

Your original (up to 24x36”) is captured at 61 megapixel or larger original sizes at 240 megapixel RAW format 16-bit Adobe RGB colour. Glare is removed by double-polarizing to get pure colour. The image is screen-matched to your original for very close print matching. It's the first step towards digitally recording your original artwork in case you decide to make prints at a later time.

Up to 36x24" = $60

Up to 60x40" = $70
Up to 96x60" = $90

Print proofs & adjustment = $10 PER IMAGE

After correcting the photography to your original, we can send you a printed proof, and make adjustments from that proof for a more accurate final file. Most artists are quite happy with the results from this level of proofing, and it's an affordable price point.


With our setup, we'll hit the road with our gear and capture your original works, proofing to our output-matched screen for a close-to-perfect print result. Print proofs can be sent later by mail if you wish to do this first before going ahead with your prints run.

Cost:  As per the schedule above, plus $10 per original, with a minimum of 12 pieces or add $120 for travel and set-up. (Off-island rates vary.  Please call for a quote.)  If you've got a number of originals or you can team up with other artists to arrange a capture session in your area, give us a call and we'll help arrange the trip. It's a great way to save time and expense.


World Map - by Laura Doell

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