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We ship valuable art safely and efficiently to you, or your customers, at great rates.

The art of shipping art is twofold: one, using strong, custom-fitted, light protective packaging and, two, always finding the least expensive rates at the time using a variety of couriers we trust. We ship art every day, so we are good at it.
How do I find out shipping charges before placing my order?
Our order form acts like an estimate. Fill out the order form with the prints you want and a shipping destination, and we will send you a preliminary invoice showing all charges, including shipping. At this point you can accept the order (after any clarifications necessary) with payment, or cancel the order if you change your mind.
How do you calculate shipping for my order?
We scan for the most inexpensive, trusted courier (including Canada Post, UPS, Canpar, Purolator, etc) at the time of your order, based on estimated package size, destination and speed of delivery required. Unless otherwise specified, we use standard ground rates for calculating shipping costs.
What is included in the shipping charge?
The shipping charge includes a small fee for packaging (materials and labour), depending on the size of the package, as well as the courier's fees.
Do you have an average calculation of shipping costs as a percentage of purchase?
Yes, our overall shipping costs average out to about 15% of the canvas or fine art print purchase prices. This fluctuates up and down on each order, depending on size of the prints and whether the purchase is a single art or canvas print or multiples all shipped at once.
How can I be sure my prints will be safe when shipped?
We wrap our canvas prints in foam and custom build boxes out of industrial weight cardboard to fit each shipment. On big pieces we may use more than one layer of cardboard and/or use other reinforcements. Fine art prints are either shipped flat or rolled, depending on size, protected and boxed in the same ways.
Is my shipment insured?
Yes, beyond using safe packaging practices we insure every shipment (for a minimal cost of about $1.00 per $100 value). This means that if the shipment arrives damaged everyone is protected and the order can be easily reprinted and reshipped.
What do I do if my shipment arrives damaged?
Immediately take several pictures of the print and box damage and email them to us. We will immediately file a claim and start the reprinting process.
How will I know when my print(s) are shipped?
We will send you a notification email when your prints are shipped, whether they are going to you or directly to your customer.
How do I track my shipment?
We will include a courier tracking number in our shipping notification email. You can easily track your shipment online, using the courier's tracking interface.
How long will it take my shipment to get to its destination?
Here's a quick list of estimated times to different parts of Canada (major centres - add a day for out of the way places):
British Columbia (including the island) – 1-2 days
Alberta – 2-3 days
Saskatchewan/Manitoba – 3-4 days
Ontario/Quebec – 4-6 days
Mainland Maritimes (including PEI) – 5-7 days
Newfoundland – 7-9 days
USA: 2 days for the west coast, ranging up to 7 days for the east coast.
International: we will give you an estimated delivery time at time of order.
Can I get my order expedited? That is, can I ask for speedy delivery?
Yes, of course. Please ask for this at time of order, if required. Expedited shipping will cost more than standard ground shipping.
Does it cost more for shipping when it comes from Vancouver Island versus somewhere on the Mainland?
No, rates are only marginally different.
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