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Mounting options for your paper or canvas prints

We can mount your prints to various substrates, including matboard, Ultraboard (foamcore) and hardboard.
• Good for mounting smaller photos that will eventually be put into frames. We use a 4-ply board for smaller prints, and can use 8-ply board for larger prints that need a bit more stiffness.
Foam Boards:
• UltraBoard Classic Peel N’ Stick is a premium pressure sensitive foam core mounting board designed for commercial photography development lab mounting applications. Featuring a high-density foam core with very smooth styrene liners, UltraBoard Classic Peel N’ Stick is one of the most smooth and rigid mounting boards on the market. UltraBoard Classic Peel N’ Stick features a high tack adhesive on one side with a white liner that provides a colour neutral mounting surface. Available options of 3/16 or 1/2 inches thick, and 14 pre-cut sizes.
• UltraBoard Mount Peel N’ Stick features a heavy and dense polystyrene foam core surrounded by 18 pt. polyethylene coated paper liners that prevent warping. One side features an acrylic adhesive pre-coating. Available options of black or white, 3/16 or 1/2 inches thick, and 10 pre-cut sizes.
• Available in 1/8" and 1/4" (3mm & 6mm) thickness. Good for mounting canvas to be simply framed without glass. We trim to the edge of this material so you will see the hardboard sides. Canvas is glued to the surface using archival quality glue.
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