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Token of Appreciation

Token of Appreciation


These prints by Robert Plante published by Mussel Assembly are offered on Elegance Velvet textured fine-art paper. Each has a 1" border added to the print size chosen, to make framing easier. These are open edition prints. Choose from three sizes, 12 x 16", 15 x 20", 18 x 24"

  • Robert Plante performed the greatest transformation of his life when he moved, with his wife and three young boys, from the Netherlands to Vancouver Island in May 2009.

    Robert studied at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, founded in 1682 and one of the oldest Art Academies in the World. He holds a Masters degree in Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Calligraphy, Font Design and Package Design.

    Robert started drawing when he was born and never stopped. It is not a contradiction to say that he was self-taught and schooled at the same time.

    He considers himself one of the lucky few in the world who have been able to work, learn and play his whole life as an artist. He is a polymath, a modern Uomo Universale, but focus is not his forte.

    Robert’s oil and acrylic paintings, illustrations, mixed media, prints, animations, cartoons, graphic novels and children’s books can be found all over the globe. He has been commissioned by big corporations, also by individuals and small companies, TV networks and social media influencers.

    His artistic life has always revolved around transformation and storytelling. This year he fulfilled his dream by telling the story of his own publishing enterprise: Mussel Assembly Publishing House. This is a collaboration with his friend, the writer Alastair McColl, launched on April 1st, 2021. MA will explore the fascinating cooperation between story and visual, fantasy and reality.

    Robert especially loves black and white ink drawings. Many of these are included in his new collection called The Festival of O, a series presented, of course, by Mussel Assembly Publishing House, and available for sale as high quality prints from Canvas Plus.

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