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Riverstone Satin Rag

Riverstone Satin Rag


River Stone Satin Rag

Turn Off The Safelight

Recall a time when a captured thought was refined in the solitude of the darkroom.  Look through the aperture.  Dodge and burn.  Illuminate the image within.  River Stone Satin Rag is an homage to the craft of photo processing and all its unflinching apostles.  With rich blacks, immense shadow detail, and the subtlest of texture, each print celebrates dense beauty and striking metaphor.  River Stone Satin Rag is the only paper for images with centrality, gravity, and secrets within.


  • Aqueous (PK-Required)
  • Baryta Style Finish
  • Cotton Rag
  • Double Coated
  • 100+ Years Archival
  • Made in the USA