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Pura Smooth

Pura Smooth


Pura Smooth

Purity in Expression

Pure – unalloyed, undiluted, unavoidable.

We can think of no higher aim for a humble fine art paper than to assist in the pursuit of purity.  To be a backdrop so inevitable as to go unnoticed.  Precise or kinetic, bold or sincere, cool or off the rails in ecstatic celebration – you know it when you don’t see it.  As ever… our finest for your best.


  • Aqueous (MK)
  • Cotton Rag
  • OBA Free
  • 100+ Years Archival
  • Made in the USA


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  • The warm matte finish of Pura Smooth lends itself happily to prints that are rich and inviting.

    At 300 GSM Pura Smooth is well structured and poised for a variety of framing and mounting designs.

    Stable and lasting 100% cotton base with a plain smooth texture.

    Certified archival by an accredited third party for 100+ years display life.

    Reflect your art accurately under any lighting conditions.

    OBA-free for a color stable paper that will never "burn-out".

  • Base Composition

    100% Cotton


    Plain Smooth


    Warm Matte

    OBA Content



    300 GSM


    16.5 mils



    CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)

    L* 95.90 / a* 1.5 / b* 0.40

    Gloss Level

    20 GU

    Core Diameter


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