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"Love Warrior"

"Love Warrior"


The canvas print of "Love Warrior", by Jeanette Macdonald, comes on thick (1.5") or thin (.75" only on smaller print sizes) stretchers, with black sides, using the best archival canvas, inks and coating. It is available in five print sizes from our online Artists Gallery store. If you would like a print with dimensions not listed, please contact us directly at 1-250-924-0901. We can custom print to any proportional size.

  • If I could use one phrase to describe what I am all about as an artist, I would say: “We are all artists”. The only thing that separates a “successful” artist from any other artist, is audacity and action (in other words, having the confidence and courage to move through the fear, and risk, of failure).


    I am an admittedly a  “changeaholic,”  and this ability to change has served me, as far as doing my art is concerned. I never feel like I have to remain stuck in one place, forever. If I am tired of a style or concept, I simply step out of that old skin, and move into a new, clean space, where I can spread a little of my unique, ever-changing, magic around. And I believe that we all have this amazing magic within us to share with the world.


    On my artistic journey I have discovered that comparing myself (and my art) to others, harboring resentments from the past, and lack of awareness of my unconscious (shadow) self, are the three biggest blocks to abundance entering into my life, and my ability to express myself as the beautiful creative person I am. I try my hardest to be supportive, appreciating the artistic endeavors, of everyone. It takes courage to share our souls with the world. I think that this bravado needs to be encouraged, nurtured, recognized, appreciated and celebrated. For it is through being generous that we all get to succeed”! Yes, I think it is possible for everyone to be successful.


    Love and light, 


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