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Elegance Velvet

Elegance Velvet


Elegance Velvet

A Timeless Beauty

Nestled comfortably between Emblem Textured Natural, our flagship textured art paper, and the robust 600MT is a mould made paper with a texture so fine and discreet you will find yourself impulsively reaching to touch it. As it glides between your fingers notice the soft vellum texture and enhanced dimensional stability. Senses heighten. Your touch slows.  Something unpronounceable demands deeper investigation. Sophisticated and demure, sensual and riveting, Elegance Velvet has undeniable je ne sais quoi. 


  • Aqueous (PK-Required)
  • Cotton Rag
  • 100+ Years Archival
  • Made in the USA
  • Aptly named, Elegance Velvet is graceful and exudes fineness.

    Cotton rag base with discrete texture- a timeless fine art classic.

    Certified archival by an accredited third party for 100+ years display life.