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Crystalline Satin/Gloss Canvas

Crystalline Satin/Gloss Canvas




The Crown Jewel

How can a canvas offer the best print quality, highest durability, and unrivaled ease of use?  The answer should be crystal clear.  Crystalline is the archival canvas for effortless printmaking with no compromises.  To realize the ultimate Dmax and color gamut a canvas can offer simply print and stretch.  No coating, no cracking, no crying.

  • Industry leading saturations and the perfect sheen for prints that are bold and vibrantOur heaviest weight canvas for stretchings with structure, style, and substance.

    No lamination required means prints are done and ready to stretch in record time.

    Certified for 55+ years display life with no coating and 75+ years when paired with Timeless or Glamour 2.

    OBA-free for a color stable canvas that will never "burn-out".

  • Base Composition

    65% cotton 35% polyester


    Medium (2-over-1 weave)


    Satin & Gloss

    OBA Content



    440 GSM


    21 mils



    CIE L*a*b* (F7/2)

    Satin: L* 97.50 / a*(-0.70) b* 1.3

    Gloss: L* 97.20 / a* (-0.70) / b* 1.0

    Gloss Level

    Satin: 6 GU
    Gloss 9 GU

    Core Diameter

    44"-wide and smaller: 2" Padded Core
    50"-wide and larger: 3" Padded Core


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