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Blue Heron - The Pause

Blue Heron - The Pause


This special edition canvas print of “Blue Heron - The Pause” by Peggy Arnett, comes on thick (1 1/2”) stretchers, with black ink sides, using the best archival canvas, inks and coating.  Comes in large limited edition sizes, and a smaller open edition size.  Prints can also be ordered as art cards.  If you would like a Peggy Arnett print at dimensions not listed, or if you would like to order art cards, please contact us directly at 1-250-924-0901 for pricing and availability.

  • Peggy Arnett has always been fascinated with the rhythms of nature and the small dramas which play out in quiet moments.  Drawing and painting become a form of meditation where the rhythm of pencil and brush strokes seek to reflect light and energy of the world around.

    The joy of of light and shadow on leaves, the dignified awkwardness of the heron, the movement of wind and water are among the many things that create new pathways and challenges for the artist.  Peggy sees each blank canvas as a doorway to new explorations, new  lessons to be learned and new ways to see.

    Now living in Ucluelet Peggy has lived in many environments prairies, mountains and the arctic. She has painted since childhood went to art school in midlife and now spends her time in her studio or on the trails and beaches.

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