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Float frames add a dynamic, finished look to your canvas print.

Float frames are a wonderful choice for framing canvas prints, because all of the painting or photograph is visible, with nothing obscured by the lip of a traditional picture frame. The frames give the illusion that canvas is floating inside, but not touching, the frame, giving it a distinctive, clean look once it is up on a wall.
Different finishes are available, although a standard black float frame remains our most popular choice. Because these frames are designed to work with canvas prints, they need to be matched with the thickness of the canvas stretcher used (most commonly a 1.5 inch thick stretcher).
Benefits of a float frame:
• Float frames take up less space than traditional mat and frame options for displaying artwork. Our most popular float frame adds only ¾" to each side of the picture.
• If you have interesting edges to your artwork, a float frame allows the full art piece to be seen.
• A float frame adds a beautiful framed edge to your artwork without obscuring it behind glass. The colours of your art will not be distorted by reflections.

Float frame pricing:

Float frame costs are calculated by the linear foot of float frame material used to encompass a canvas print. If you want a quote for a float frame for a print you are ordering, simply indicate which prints you'd like a float frame for in the comments section.

Black Standard = $19/linear foot

Other colours or styles available by request. 2-4 week turnaround.
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