Fine Art Reproduction Services:

We offer fine-art reproduction services, using either digital photography or scanning techniques to capture your original artworks with enough detail to print an accurate reproduction of your original.

We offer 4 levels of digital capture and reproduction services:

Photo scan = $10 - $25

Bring in your photo prints (under 12x17”), and sketches, line-art, for highly detailed and colour accurate scans. Price depends on final output size and adjustments required.

Basic single high-res photo or scan digital capture & screen proofing = $50

Your original is captured with a colour checker chart and grey card, in RAW format and PSD output file at 16-bit Adobe RGB colour. We give you the RAW conversion specs for our setup, so you can work from there, or take our PSD file if you're happy with that as a starting point. Great for just recording your SOLD original artwork in case you decide to make prints at a later time.

Multi-shot stitched capture = $50 +$10 per section

For larger originals, beyond 30x45”, we typically shoot two or more shots and stitch them together for a seamless, perfectly balanced image. These are often well over 200megapixels in size (i.e.: for a six-shot stitched image, 48x72” original). Same service level as the Basic capture and screen proofing.

Single shot, basic capture & single proofing = $90

You get the same result from our 50MP captured image, but after screen proofing, we run 1 printed proof, and make adjustments from that proof for a more accurate final file. Many artists are quite happy with the results from this level of proofing, and it's an affordable price point.

Single-shot capture & full colour proofing service = $150

This results in a file that is very close to exact in colour and clarity as your original. This often requires 3-4 or more adjustments and re-proofing prints to match the original as closely as possible. Specific colours and areas of the capture file are worked on in succeeding proofs until we are happy with the outcome.

Laura Doell World MapFull multi-shot capture & colour proofing service = $150 + $10 per section.

As above, we spend the time to get the colour right, but we have the capability to image very large originals using the stitching method. This allows us to capture very large files with amazing detail (see the 8'x5' capture of "World Map" by Laura Doell detailed at right and full image below).


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Laura Doell World Map


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